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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

 I have successfully hacked into the spare channel on
the PSO in my 95 S6.  It is a fairly simple process.

1. Once you have determined that the problem is your
PSO you should know what cyc is not firing.  Use Scott
Mockry's site to determine what pin # on the ECU
controls that specific cyc.

2. Now use the Bently manual wiring diagram to
determine the wire color code for the wire that runs
from that specific pin on the ecu to the PSO.

3. You now have all the info you need.  Find the wire
that feeds the PSO (the one that you found the color
code for).  It will be in one of the 4 pronged plugs
that feeds one of the two PSO devices.  Also note the
one of the PSO only has three wires in the four prong
plug and only two wires in the three prong plug on the
other end of the PSO.  This spare slot is the extra
channel in the PSO.

4.  Disassemble the plug that has the wire that that
you need to move to the spare channel.  Also
disassemble the plug that has the spare channel.
Hint: Once you remove the black part of the plug you
will be left with a smaller pink wire holder.  On the
top of this plug lift the back end of the plastic tab
that runs across all of the wires.  Now lift, wiggle
and pull out the wire you need to move. Now move the
wire to the spare channel on the PSO.  Reassemble and
reconnect one or both of the 4 prong plugs.  I only
had to disassemble on of the 4 prong plugs because the
channel that failed on mine, was on the same PSO as
the spare channel.

5. All of the wires that run from the PSO to the coil
packs are black and they each are numbered according
to the cyc number they control.  Find the wire for the
cyc that is dead and move it to the spare channed on
the output of the PSO.  The 3 prong plugs disassemble
the same way as the 4 prong plugs.

6.  Plug the three prong plugs back in and start the
car.  It should start right up and run on all 5 cyc.
If it does not you moved the incorrect wires.  Don't
ask me how I know.

7.  Tell your wife that the PSO cost $250.00 and
pocket that for future upgrades.

I have been successfully running on the spare channel
for 2 weeks.  I will let you know if it fails. Would
someone like to post this to the FAQ?


Jeff Hemmerlin
95 S6
84 4kqt

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> Does anyone know if there has been a history of coil pack POS failures in
> the UR S4's?  Should I be worried?
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