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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

bulbs used in low voltage desk lights.  You should be able to find them at
any home center.  They go by a couple of different model numbers.  Either
Q50T3/12V/CL for a GE bulb or by the more generic name Q50GY6.35.  The
important number is the GY6.35 which designates the bi-pin base, pins 6.35mm
apart.  They are also available in a 35w version (I wouldn't recommend the
higher wattage versions, 75w & 100w).  They also come in 120v versions so
make sure you get the right one.


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> This is the bulb that fits into the backuplight
> sockets and is currently in the passengers side bulb
> holder. The drivers side is empty which is why I'm
> looking for a new bulb. Does this look familiar Bruce?
> is that the 1156?
> S

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