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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

Kevin chipped his 95.5 / 105k, and soon developed a 'miss' under load.  Car
idles fine and drives fine until you get into the boost.  He states plugs /
boots were new a few months ago.  Visually examined both, 'looked' fine.
Now his wrench is telling him it's a coil (dunno why... Kevin, care to

Before he knew this I offered to swap out my known plugs and / or coils
(full cover) and see.  But now he seems to 'know' it's the coils.

So, knowing this...  is it still possible to do the 'unplug the injector
trick' to diagnose this?  Also, as you and Bob advise, connect plugs with
cover off and see?  Uh, I'm a dolt remember, please elaborate on the method
of doing this.  Alsoalso, someone mentioned the need to either crimp on or
buy a new coil connector from the Stealer...  details?

Thanks again for the suggestions.  I'm sure we'll hunt and peck our way to
finding it on Sunday!

-P with enough of his own issues but helping a brutha out against my wife's
intentions for my free time K.

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Paulie, if the problem is only present under load it's a little more
difficult to solve... so it could be a bad coil but also possible is the
spark plug, and not the PSO. I would suggest the same as Doug and follow:

You might be able to see a weak spark with the plugs removed, and the
injectors disconnected, remember this is what Hap experienced.

Cheers, /Jamu.

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Bob suggested:

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Yes, you have 2 options for testing.
You can remove the fuel injector wire from the fuel injectors one by one,
and the cylinder that doesn't cause the engine to slow is the one that isn't


Hey B-

That's what I was thinking (I'll be 'trying' to 'help' him in the endeavor).
However, Kevin didn't mention that the problem is load dependent.  Will the
injector trick still work on a coil that's only misbehaving under load /

THANKS again!

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