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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

Repeat after me:  the //S8 does NOT suck.  It also does not suck when your
client INSISTS you drive his.  Oh darn.

The //S8, otherwise pronounced "ohmygawdmuthaf'erwhooohooo" has got to be
one of the most underrated cars goin'.  My vote?  Keep it that way.  Keep
market prices down so I can score one on the cheap.  Heh, they're sitting
around not moving so badly he got his '03 10g's under sticker.  NICE.

And I tell ya, that autoshitbox ain't all that bad, and I'm a die hard
shifter.  Can see why Frank says the RS6's lack of stick goes unnoticed (of
course, I'd still RATHER have a stick, but...).  Upshifts were downright
amazing.  DAMN that thing sounds nice!

ANYwho, just thought I'd share (er, brag), and report.  While the rags all
give it kudos, and you and I would already assume good things, these things
somehow just do not sell.  Amen!  Let the used market rejoice!

-Paulie Giddyasaschoolgirl
CT home of //S8 owners letting Paul whomp their beasts
'95 //S6 not an //S8
'58 TR3A not much

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