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One way to check is to run a second intake air sensor in ambient, and pull a
high boost run (short duration). I don't think this will hurt anything on a
once usage, but I have NOT tried it. Therefore, you take your changes.
Let us know how things work out if you try this.

Perhaps a better way would be to try to measure the intake air just as the
computer shuts things down.

This may not  be the issue, but I throw it out anyways.

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> Hi,
> I know that it sounds like over boost fuel cut out but it is not. I
> there any other situation that would cause the ECU to shut off the fuel
> relay? After the initial cut, the engine will cut as soon as the boost
> goes above +0.5 bar (1.5 absolute) until I turn off the ignition and
> turn it back on again.
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