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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

replace your ECS brackets and use the US-spec A8L rotor (323x30) you
an all-Audi solution, with all consumables readily available in the US (i.e.
either an Audi dealer, Porsche dealer, or appropriate local parts stores).
The only "issue" with this setup is the classic, massive Audi rotor with
relatively minimal vent veins, but then you've got that today, so no loss.


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> Subject: [s-cars] 314mmx30 brake calipers S6+ euro setup?
> I was surfing up elcats FA tonight and came across these big brakes >>
> 4A0 615 107        Floating caliper L
> 4A0 615 108        Floating caliper R
> 441 615 301 AA  Brake disc 314x30
> 4A0 698 151 B    Pads - Girling
> Is this the S6+ setup? It says for AAN, AEC (V8) engine. The
> illustration of the caliper with the Audi rings on it made me get all
> giddy. Are these available? I have the 993tt red calipers (and maybe
> these discs ECS stage II) on my S4. BTDT, Ideas you guys for this OE
> Audi upgrade or stick with local hop ups?
> Thompson
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