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Do not use any type of anti-seize compound on spark plug threads. Doing
this will decrease the amount of friction between the threads. The
result of the lowered friction is that when the spark plug is torqued to
the proper specification, the spark plug is turned too far into the
cylinder head. This increases the likelihood of pulling or stripping the
threads in the cylinder head. Over-tightening of a spark plug can cause
stretching of the spark plug shell and could allow blowby to pass
through the gasket seal between the shell and insulator. Over-tightening
also results in extremely difficult removal.

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It's a good idea in any vehicle to use the anti-seize compound on the
spark plugs and the wheel bolts, because both can become stuck over time
due to heat and dissimilar metals. Just go easy and watch those torque
specifications everyone is talking about :)

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Sean asked:
I'm going to be changing my spark plugs soon. Is it a good idea to put
anti-seize compound on the threads or is this a no-no?

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