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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

least), I was never ever able to see 20 psi, especially consistently.  One
time was maybe 14, the other maybe 10.  Then PFFFFFFFFT.  So I'd personally
doubt that's your case.

The only Samco popping experience I have was my lower turbo hose popped off
last week (in torrential rain, on the way to work, of course).  Self
inflicted problem though, them mega clamps *are* application specific (don't
ask, long story).  Switched them around, and she's nice and tight now.  But,
that was blown OFF, so car would hardly run.  Doubt that's your issue

Maybe a cracked xover hose?  Maybe a leaking ISV / BPV?  I'm just pissin in
the wind here really.

-Paul let's get back to that funny lil soap opera K.

SEE what you started there DaveyH/Tgravey?!?!

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