[s-cars] 1993 S4 Stereo Radio/Cass with 10 disc

Joel Rector anon at magnaspeed.net
Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

I see.  I'm sort of a perfectionist when it comes to cars.  This is my
first Audi/S4/German car.  If that is the way the stereo is supposed to
be, then that is the way it will stay.  I thought someone wired it
wrong.  It was just bugging me when I thought it was done wrong.  Now
it's fine!  :-P

Thanks alot


On Fri, 2003-06-06 at 08:14, Charlie Smith wrote:
> Earlier, Anon E. Mouse (Joel Rector) wrote:
> >
> > Anyone know off hand how to get the head unit (radio/cass) out of
> > the dash?  The guy I bought the car from replaced the stereo with
> > the a new factory unit and he wired it directly to the battery,
> > instead of the right way.  So now I have to turn it off manually
> > each time I stop the car.  I haven't tried to get it out yet.  I
> > was hoping someone had an easy way so I don't go out there and rip
> > the heck out of the dash trying to get it out.  :-P
> Like someone told you, this is the normal mode of operation.
> I'm sure you can rewire it to be on with the ignition switch
> if you really, really have to have it that way.
> A couple of things to be aware of.
> One, if you remove power from the radio you will have to know the
> "unlock code" to get it back in action.  If this isn't in any of your
> paperwork you got with the car a dealer can figure it out for you.
> Two, you remove the radio head from the dash with two "U" shaped
> wire gizmos, the ends of which go into the 2 coat-hanger-wire size
> holes on each side of the radio face.  You can buy these or make
> them if you have another set to use as a prototype.
> When the dealer gets the radio unlock code, they will remove the radio
> from the dash and will get the serial number off the back of the unit.
> They can put that in their computer to get the specific unlock code
> for your radio.
> If you have the 10 disc CD changer, you are ahead of the game!  Many
> cars did not have that option and the adapter box mounted under the
> CD changer in the trunk is unavailable new from any source.  If the
> CD changer itself fails, you can find compatible Sony units on eBay
> for $30 or so.
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