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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

Take Ambaum Blvd southbound. Turn left on SW 153rd. Bison Creek Pizza is on
the left.

Group Caravan Starting Locations:
Start thinking about potential caravan starting locations. Talk amongst
If you have a 2-Way Radio, set it to CH 4 Sub CH 4. Get it?

Sponsors (scheduled to appear):
* Audi Car Club of North America
* ProFormance Racing School
* Griot=B9s Garage
* Sykart Indoor Racing Center
* Ston Gard
* Foster=B9s Wheel Service
* Queen City Auto Rebuild
* University Audi
* and maybe MORE!


If you are planning on coming you MUST RSVP # in party to me:
audi at

Let me know what year/model Audi you own and have it all cleaned up.
It may be used in the background of the group photo!

We are expecting upwards of 250 people so get your RSVP=B9s in soon!

See you all soon!
Brian Presser '01 S4
Audi Club Northwest =AD Club Activities Director

TouchTech Systems, Inc.
Multimedia Specialists &
Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller
425-227-5310 ph.
425-227-5311 fax
brian at


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