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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

So I'm commuting in this morning and had my first "ontheroad" sighting of
the Passat W8.  One word:  *wow*.  That is a very sharp looking car, great
stance, lines, etc.  Must live right near me, too, we ran the whole way in

The thing boogies, cool!  Well, boogies in that I wasn't bored with him, and
was fun to see it in action.  Maybe had aftermarket wheels, as they cupped
way out, accenting the muscular shoulders, and showed off the sizeable
brakes.  We traded back and forth, it sounded very unique when he blew by

That's all, felt compelled to share.  Too bad no stick, I'd consider one
down the road some day.

-P back to your irregularly scheduled programming K.

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