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"The knock sensors cannot be checked electrically. Check DTC memory
Page 01-11 . For satisfactory function of the knock sensors, exact
compliance with the tightening torque of 20 Nm (15 ft lb) is important.
Check the harness connection from knock sensor to wiring harness for

Since you have no codes, I'd check the torque values of your KS.


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Still having the same high boost problems with my MTM 1+ eq. Avant.
(erratic WOT boost that fluctuates between 18-21 PSI in top gears,
definite lack of punch, surging)

Everything has tested OK so far (Coils, plugs, connectors, POS, MAF, New
O2, New Fuel Filter, No hose leaks, BPV OK, Turbo good, etc.).  Then it
dawned on me that I haven't considered the knock sensor(s?).  Could a
failed KS cause the wacky boost issues?  Can a KS be tested, or is it
just replaced? Engine throws no codes...

Thank you loyal listeners - Ed

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