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and/or GL 5, it's apparent that there might be more to
the VW spec than just the API classification.
I believe that when an oil product says it meets API GL 4/5,
it means that it will meet the requirements of autos
that spec either GL 4 or GL 5. That doesn't necessarily
mean that an oil meeting GL 5 will meet an auto spec
requiring GL 4. Apparently, most oils meeting GL 5
require more sulfur containing EP compounds that
can corrode "yellow metals" (brass, bronze, copper,...)
at high temperatures.


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It doesn't say on the can or in the Bentley, Vincent. The Bentley just specs
G50 synthetic oil 75W90 - one of the reasons I use the Audi oil if I refill
the tranny.

The Bentley does spec GL5 SAE 90 oil for the rear diff.

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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Anyone knows if the the Audi G50 for our tranny is a GL-5 or a GL-4? My
mech filled the tranny and the diff with 75W90 GL-5. It should be OK for
the diff as the Redline recommended oil for the diff is also a 75W90
GL-5. But I'm scared for the tranny as the GL-5 was said to make the
synchro slip on the 90Q20V which could lead to serious damage to the
gear. Is it the same with the 01E? Should I change it asap? The gear are
still shifting OK, at least as well as with the 125Kmiles old oil but I
would have expected smoother shifting with the new oil.

BTW, have anyone tried the Amsoil 75W90 GL-4 MIL-L 2105 in the tranny?
This oil is readily available when I have to wait may be a week for
Redline MTL.

'96 file://S6

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