[s-cars] Waterfest woes...

Marc Swanson mswanson at mswanson.com
Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

> Yikes Marc, yikes.  That blows hugehog.  So sorry to hear, especially after
> over nighting the new turbo and doing all that lower end work.  Big ugh.

yeah, $80 in freight.  :-P

> Hmmm...  Rossato & I musta been, er, a bit 'distracted' during our trip down
> to Uncle Bob's (CMG shagging) / WF, as we didn't see any of your roadside
> carnage.

I got a late start (typical).  I didn't leave my house in Oxford until
around 10:30 on Saturday. You were probably already in Jersey by the
time I was calling AAA......

>   Hmmm...  musta been busy, whatwith that 996tt and 512TR playing
> cat 'n mouse with me and all...

embarrasing, but the only playing I did was with an ovloV.  I was
killing him in silly fashion (hey, I'll nail it for anybody who wants to
play, I'm an equal opportunity street racer ;-)) till I bounced off the
rev limiter and my alternator belt snapped :-(.

> Best of luck on the re-resurrection.  That's a real pisser.

thanks, hope I can make it for //SFest.

87' 4ktq
88' 90q

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