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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

The fuel sender is part of the pump assy in the tank.
It is accessed thru a cover in the trunk above the rear axle "hub"
While mine is not in the best calibration, it still works so I am not going
to ask for trouble.

The air bag light on my car comes on as well for about the same length of
Apparently, as I was told be the dealer, there is a software upgrade that
was performed on my car during a repair on the dash that was performed due
to an attempted car theft. I don't know if there explanation is true or not,
there would be some sort of information at Audi of America or Canada. I have
not bothered to check there explanation, though it would be nice to know if
I was lied to or not :-)

HTH's somewhat,

Mark S
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> Hi,
> I just bought a 1995 S6 Avant.  I filled the tank up yesterday and was
> driving along when the fuel light came on and I saw the needle on the fuel
> gauge just start dropping to zero.  Do I need a new sender or sensor?
> would I find it in the engine and where can I buy one?
> Also, the airbag light goes on for 2 minutes every time I start the car
> then goes out.  Does that mean the gold-plated connectors or something are
> about to go?
> Thanks.
> Joseph
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