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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

the other causes, the most likely being bad connections or grounds. The
electrical load in the A/C system is the power to hold the A/C clutch in,
run the ventilation blower, and possibly run the electric rad fan (I say
possibly because I haven't figured out yet whether this fan should run when
the A/C is turned on. On the Type 44 it does, but the Bentley wiring diagram
for the '94 S4 doesn't show provision for the rad fan to come on when the
A/C is turned on. On my car it doesn't, but that may be a fault rather than
a feature, something I hope to get at this weekend).

Good luck with the problem!


Fred Munro
'94 S4

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S-Folks -

I am seeking your collective wisdom to diagnosis a problem I recently
experienced with my 95.5 S6 (with 86,000 miles) while driving on vacation
through the
heat of South Dakota last week.   With temps in the mid-90's and sustained
speeds of 80-85 mph (what a joy to drive in a state with a 75 speed limit!),
voltage meter in my car slowly dropped over a four hour period from a point
half way between 12 and 14 volts to darn near 12 volts (needle was pointing
straight up).  By the end of the trip that day, the car was accelerating
from a dead stop - acting as if it might stall unless I gave it plenty of
from standstill.

After letting the car sit overnight, the volt meter registered just under 14
volts but would then drop during the day when the ambient temps increased
the air conditioning was in use.  Turning the air conditioning off at this
point would result in a significant jump of the voltage meter and much
acceleration from standstill.  I suspect that the high temp and speed, when
coupled with the strain of the a/c on the engine, is overtaxing a weak or
electric (generator/altenator) system since I had the battery replaced
this year.

I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts/suggestions before I take the car to my
S-wrench for diagnosis/repair.


Milwaukee, WI

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