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Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

options for upgrading the stock CAC cooler. ATR sells a nice kit, which
comes with a HUGE cooler, an upgraded CAC pump and all the hardware
necessary for installation. Some members have reported that their kit came
with hoses that were too short so make sure the parts store is open when you
start your install. The kit is available for $395.00

Conley's sells an icebox mounts in the back of the truck and REALLY cools
the charge. You have to add ice to get this one to work so it's really meant
for racing use only. It is available for $299.00.

A new item that is available is the INTRACOOLER II. This device taps into
the factory AC compressor and uses it to cool the charge. The maker claims
cooling of the inlet air to 33 degrees. This device which replaces the CAC
cooler at the manifold is available from TTM inc. for about $1000."

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~Well, it would do precious little on the low pressure side of the
~"refrigerant" line, other than to perhaps add some heat to the air stream.
~Being in the HVAC business, I have thought of way to use the refrigeration
~system to cool the air, but I suspected it may make the air TOO cold, and
~strip the humidity from the air. I think so warmth and humidity isn't all
~that bad for the air.
~It is quite simple to create this air to refrigerant heat exchanger, after
~all there is one on board already right.
~My thought would be to use water , or a glycol mixture, to cool
~the air then
~use the refrigeration system to remove the heat from that transfer fluid.
~But, at the end of the day... Water injection is far better at doing the
~whole thing. It's much cheaper, doesn't require any HP and you can add some
~methyl alcohol to it for a little added octane.
~I have wanted to jump into this tread for a while, but elected not
~to add my
~2 cents till now.
~If you wanna play with a air to refrigerant heat exchanger, just
~go get some
~high pressure valve and a evaporator from a similar car. You may have to
~bypass some portion of the refrigerant to the evaporator in the HVAC system
~so you don't freeze the system with too little load on it.
~Mark S

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