[s-cars] Pads for Big Brakes - Seat Harness

Igor Kessel igor at s-cars.org
Sat Nov 1 09:36:45 EST 2003

CaptMagu at aol.com wrote:

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> Steve
> If you read my late responce to teddy, I used a male lap belt piece sourced
> from my mechanic Dave Jones. I unwove the Sparco belt from its fittings and
> rewound the new belt into the old fitting. It fits right into the stock
> receptacle and you defeat the seat belt warning signal as well. No drilling and or
> climbing under the car;-)

I did exactly the same with the 2.5", 4-point Schroth in my previous
200TQ. Will be doing it again in the UrS, this time for the 3" 5-point
Sparcos that are awaiting on the shelf.

RE: antisubmarining. I wonder if it would be possible to malke an
accurate 3" cut in the thin leather piece between the outermost
retractable piece in the seat and the next one and run the 5th harness
point through it from the floor up. Oh, and I like the idea of a steel
bar in-between the front monting points. That's brilliant! Thanks, Teddy!

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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