[s-cars] Just to stir things up some - what do you think about this engine compilation

Pedro Faria quattrocs at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 1 11:58:56 EST 2003

Hey all

this is started because last night i got home at 2 am after helping a friend
take almost totaly apart two turbo engines, one was an mc-1 the 2nd one was
a kh if i'm not mistaken

well to say the least it was a fun night. the 1st mc-1 was a disaster i'll
post some pictures up soon.
there was a head bolt missing, there was water marks in the turbo, and EM,
took the head out, and only one out of 5 pistons was OK, and able to be

so on to the second engine, the head was HARD to get off, still had the
original head gasket and it looked GREAT.

so while talking to my mechanic and remembering some recent threads, is this
a good mix

MC-1/2 block - which is better
2.5 diesel crank
20v head - which is better NA or turbo
performance cams
034efi stage IIc

i would like to use mc pistons, based upon Javad's recent post

is this at all possible and able to be achieved, my time frame is @ one year
to start assembly, so i have time and $$$ the get parts together. Not sure
exactly on what car to put it in, i just want to build it first, but
possibly a b4 90 quattro, unless i can fit this in an A4 (is that even
possible w/o going crazy with modifications)

have fun with you comments, because i can not wait to hear some of them



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