[s-cars] System 3 Brake Upgrade

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at comcast.net
Sat Nov 1 09:10:54 EST 2003

S-Car Crew,

Greetings!  I trust every had a grand all hallows eve!

I'm the progenitor of BIRA's Sys3.  One of the reasons I was able to
convince Greg Amy into doing Sys3 was the fact that Audi's 314x30 EuroA8
lies about 10mm closer the strut than the 312x25 US A8 rotor that we
used in Sys1. Thus, not only does Sys3  provides a slightly larger
monobloc caliper (996 v. Boxster) and a rotor thats 2x5mm larger, but
its "inboard plane" lets more wheels fit.  I ran S6 Avus wheels over
Sys3 on my '91 200TQA and there are pictures of this combo on our
website under "Member's Rides."  There's also a "wheels we've
test-fitted" section under "information" that  includes member feed back
as to what wheels work and what do not.   We currently have over 300
members, and in the past,  many of them have helped their fellow members
or potential members by testing fitting a wheel to see if it will fit.


Greg J

>Manny, I believe that if you use the 996 calipers you will need a spacer for
>16" wheels. ECS 993 based systems clear the stock 16 " wheels, by about
>1.5mm, I have had this system on my car for over a year now.
>Serge Filanovsky
>95 S6 Avant
>>Anyone know where I can get my hands on a Bira System 3 Brake upgrade Kit?
>>BIRA syays it will take them 6 - 8 weeks to get more brackets. Their
>>affiliated retailer QRS doesn't have any left and "won't be getting any
>>anytime soon", even though their site says they have 3. I'm hoping to retain
>>the use of my stock 16" 6 spoke Avus rims. Does anyone know if the RS2
>>brackets work with 996 calipers, and / or what calipers can you use with the
>>RS2 brackets. I'm looking for a solution, sooner rather than later.
>>95 S6 Avant

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