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Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Sat Nov 1 12:41:59 EST 2003

Many Japanese companies are in a state of theoretical bankrupcy, kept
alive by continued bank loans against property no longer valued equal to
the entire USA.  It is a serious problem that will take a long time to
resolve.  It is possible that Omori may be in a financial situation that
precludes them continuing to address the US market.  Since I don't
follow the financial events over there in detail, I don't know about
Omori in particular, but we should allow that arrogance may not be the
cause, and is in any event, as we know from our personal automobile
choice, not limited to the Japanese.


Igor Kessel wrote:
> Joseph Pizzimenti wrote:
> > They do make 2.0 bar units (~30 PSI), you just don't
> > see them there because it's predominately a Subie
> > website.
> >
> > http://www.omori-na.com/
> Joe, ma man, I'd stick to the trusty german VDO brand if I were you.
> Read this:
> "Please be advised that our manufacturer in Japan has made a decision to
> no longer supply the North American market with products and additional
> parts. The manufacturer has informed us "There is no need to worry about
> customer service, guarantees, dealership, promotion, etc." This is
> incredibly frustrating for us as we are here to provide products and
> support for the North American market. Unfortunately, when the
> manufacturer demonstrates that it has no interest in supporting the
> North American market any further, we are left with angry customers who
> are owed products, backorders that cannot be filled, warranty claims
> that go ignored, and no inventory of products to supply.
> At this time it needs to be made clear that Omori Meter North America is
> in NO WAY responsible for the situation that has transpired. The
> management of our manufacturer in Japan refuses to respond to our
> requests and demands for products we are owed. They show no interest in
> supporting the North American customer base we have developed. We have
> worked hard to provide all of our customers a tremendous level of
> service, but without manufacturer support we are left in a hopeless
> position."
> With the due apology to my friend Taka, I must admit that the Japanese
> manufacturers sometimes leave me speechless with their arrogant attitude
> towards the American consumer. I myself had contacted Omori several
> years ago, complemented them on the outstanding gauge design, stressed
> that at the time they were the only gauge maker on the market to offer
> the smallish 1.5" DIA gauges and asked about the shipping and payment
> terms. All in all I must have sent 3 to 4 e-mails to the address
> provided on their .jp web site. Not one of them (!) ever received as
> much as a one line answer.
> I can't help recalling my correspondence with Fumoto Engineering about
> the fitment (more like the lack of) of their valve into the 1.8t 20v AEB
> engine and the numerous thread and size and model number errors in their
> Audi applications and their missing out on a potentially huge market of
> the 1.8t engined cars. Basically I was told that I had no idea what I
> was talking about regarding Audis :), and that the 1.8t engine was never
> installed in the Golf, the Jetta and the Bug, and that the '96-97 S6
> never existed on the face of the Earth and that in the S6 the oil drain
> thread was 12mm. Later on I found that all of the errors were quitely
> corrected, and the threaded adapter for the 1.8t engine was finally
> being offered.
> On to the gauges.
> My mailbox is awash with requests to send the pics of the A4 Autometer
> pod with the white-faced VDO 150-206 installed into it mounted on the
> A-pillar of my UrS6. Perhaps either Jimmy or Darin would consider
> posting those pics on their respective web sites for everyone to see?
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> Igor Kessel
> two turbo quattros
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