[s-cars] New owner and a question!

Matt Russell skippertgore at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 2 08:24:53 EST 2003

Nice call, Spy.

And here's one more tip: to HECK with those stupid white plastic clips which
take the stealer a week to order and will cost you almost 15 bucks...

Try a couple thick zip ties.  May not look as professional, but man do they

-Matt, co
92 s4

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> Once you get it open, straighten  the hood release cable you just bent and
> make sure to replace both plastic pieces(a couple of bucks at the stealer)
> before you attempt to close the hood. Trying to re-use the old ones and
> hoping they stay in this time will not work and you will have to re-do the
> hanger thing(ask me how I know!)
> Spy

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