[s-cars] no start, no lights, no anything, stuck in CT

Cecil Morris cecilmorris at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 02:34:05 EST 2003

First off I forgot its dark at 5 in the morning so
hence why I am not outside pulling wires, fuses or
hair in vain attempt to fix. I have own this car for
about 2 years and this has only happen twice although
the most recent time was last month.

You get into the car fine door lights come on, every
thing lights up normal on the IC until you turn to
start and then bam its a blackout. no radio blinking
light, vanities are dead. PO changed the ignition
switch about 4 years ago....i think.

Last time I waited 10 minutes and it was fine other
than radio being locked. So what am I looking for at
here? Ignition switch?
Thanks any help is appreciated.

93 s4 171K
being punished by Audi god for boasting car is perfect
after Bob Rossato ready codes and found nothing wrong.

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