[s-cars] ECS Tuning Stage 2 - Big Reds with Euro A8 rotors

Ken Ng ken_ng11 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 14:21:47 EST 2003

I have the Stage 2 kit offered by ECS Tuning in Ohio.
After approximately 10K km of use (since Feb. 2003,
small cracks have appeared on the 1 piece rotor -
actually cracks have formed in the material between
the mounting hat and the rotor itself. No track use
and only very occasional 'spirited driving'. Attached
is a photo of the rotor with cracks. Any ideas on what
might have caused this? Casting flaws?

ECS is offering a conversion kit to their Stage 3 kit
which includes their custom hat, 993TT rotor and
mounting brackets for USD$500. Alternatively,
replacement Euro A8 rotor go for USD$195. Should I
take the risk again and opt for the EuroA8 rotor. Does
anyone have a contact at Brembo who might be willing
to help with what seems most obviously to be a casting
flaw (according to my mechanic). I am located in
Toront, Ontario, Canada.

Thoughts appreciated.


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