[s-cars] Dyno time!

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Oh, hell I think I left off the most important part of all, the "TCF" -
Transmission Correction Factor!  Before you walk away with your wheel bhp
numbers, make sure you know if the dyno people factored in any estimated
transmission / driveline correction factors into the numbers they give you.
If they have, ask them to explain to you how they arrived at, and applied
that factor to your numbers/chart.


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~Hi All-
~Looks like I will be putting my car on a 4wd dyno this weekend.
~There is an open house on 11/8 at KTR performance in Ayer, MA.
~Found out about this on (gasp!) Audiworld forums 2 pulls for only
~$65.  I have never had any of the car's I've owned dynoed, any
~special precautions I should be aware of?
~'95 S6
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