[s-cars] drivetrain whir / clatter upon CMG install

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 4 05:31:37 EST 2003

It's the flywheel, quit being such a wuss.

Joe, 3 inch turbo back and no discernible restriction
to speak of other than the wake of dead animals I
leave in my path because of massive noise vibration
and harshness and the stinkiness of no catalysts,

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> Morning-
> Hoping to probe the collective technical minds here
> (i.e. Igor, Bob(s),
> Keith, Scott TB, Ned, etc.).
> After 3 or so weeks, and SPEC sending the wrong
> clutch (that went in, then
> back out, of the f'n car), my CMG / NEA LWFW / SPEC
> II hybrid / short &
> weighted shifter / new slave install is complete.
> Drives f'n amazingly
> (more on all that another day).
> I'm getting some good drivetrain clatter in 2nd-6th
> gears when the car is
> bogged.  Now I realize some 'whir' is normal due to
> the aluminum flywheel /
> absence of dual mass.  But there's a noise at idle
> that bugs me.  Here's the
> symptoms:
> - At idle, with clutch pedal OUT, the 'whir' that
> the drivetrain makes (in
> 2nd-6th) can be manipulated by blipping the
> throttle...  producing a good
> audible clatter.  Sounds like a loose heat shield
> type sound, but it's from
> the bellhousing.  Sounds JUST like a throw out
> bearing 'whir' at idle (yes
> it's new), until it clatters when I hit the gas...
> no TOB has ever done that
> to me.
> - Whir / clatter go totally away when clutch is
> depressed... silent.  Comes
> right back when declutch.
> - Cannot feel anything 'slapping around' in the
> bellhousing or tranny, put
> hand on it, don't feel any knocking anywhere
> - Nothing appears loose anywhere.
> - Drives excellent, no noise as long as there is
> load on the drivetrain.
> SPEC II not quite at 500 mile break in, skips off
> line in 1st and reverse
> still (annoying, SPEC says will go away).
> The CMG is a Kludge-redone unit, I'd *hope* to rule
> that out.  I'm
> 'guessing' maybe a loose spring on the clutch disc?
> Or something similar?
> Won't know unless I yank it, again...  as much as I
> like to yank I dread the
> thought of doing this job "The Mahoney Way" (3x).
> Looks like I'll have to
> rope an unsuspecting Rossato into a weekend project
> this winter.  Yay!
> Any thoughts / experiences greatly appreciated.  I
> have trouble thinking
> "that's the way it's supposed to be"...  maybe the
> whir 2-6, but not the
> idle clatter...  if it is, it's REAL embarrassing
> sounding, sounds like a
> POS... no, not a Power Output Stage...
> TIA.
> -Paul Blackthumb... it's always something
> '95 //S6 drives like a real MUTHAF'ER at least,
> thoughts later
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