[s-cars] drivetrain whir / clatter upon CMG install

Keith Maddock Keith.Maddock at TRW.COM
Tue Nov 4 14:50:35 EST 2003


Did you remember to fill the trans with transmission fluid?  I shipped it dry (all Kluge gearboxes get delivered "ohne oel" :-D

My guess is that somehow the throwout bearing is perhaps not attached to the clutch release fork correctly - when you depress the clutch, you're holding it all together with foot forced, but then when the foot is off the clutch the throwout bearing is supposed to be hanging on the release fork, away from the spinning pressure plate.

I'm going to have to pick your brain (off list if you don't want to share) about the short & weighted shfiter setup, I'll want to do that when I do my 6-speed/LWFW/Spec/Rear-Torsen install soon :-D

Good to hear otherwise that the 6-speed is workin well for ya :-D :-D


Paulie complained:

I'm getting some good drivetrain clatter in 2nd-6th gears when the car is
bogged.  Now I realize some 'whir' is normal due to the aluminum flywheel /
absence of dual mass.  But there's a noise at idle that bugs me.  Here's the

- At idle, with clutch pedal OUT, the 'whir' that the drivetrain makes (in
2nd-6th) can be manipulated by blipping the throttle...  producing a good
audible clatter.  Sounds like a loose heat shield type sound, but it's from
the bellhousing.  Sounds JUST like a throw out bearing 'whir' at idle (yes
it's new), until it clatters when I hit the gas... no TOB has ever done that
to me.

- Whir / clatter go totally away when clutch is depressed... silent.  Comes
right back when declutch.

- Cannot feel anything 'slapping around' in the bellhousing or tranny, put
hand on it, don't feel any knocking anywhere

- Nothing appears loose anywhere.

- Drives excellent, no noise as long as there is load on the drivetrain.
SPEC II not quite at 500 mile break in, skips off line in 1st and reverse
still (annoying, SPEC says will go away).

The CMG is a Kludge-redone unit, I'd *hope* to rule that out.  I'm
'guessing' maybe a loose spring on the clutch disc?  Or something similar?
Won't know unless I yank it, again...  as much as I like to yank I dread the
thought of doing this job "The Mahoney Way" (3x).  Looks like I'll have to
rope an unsuspecting Rossato into a weekend project this winter.  Yay!

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