[s-cars] Dyno time!

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Tue Nov 4 07:48:58 EST 2003

This hurts to say Joe, but as low tech and ricey at your suggestion seems,
.... and as much as it pains me to even think Scott Justusson has been right
all along with his view on how to comparatively measure power between cars
(although I don't think he has told us how to make an SAE approved
correction for temperature, humidity & altitude for runs done at say sea
level vs. Everboost's going on 6,000+ feet), ... you're right.

An accurate scale, a stop watch and a drag racing, or some variant thereof,
may well provide the only reliable lowest common denominator for
establishing and comparing raw power.

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~Or, he could just do what everyone should do and get a
~baseline run in with an otherwise stock car and
~compare whp numbers.
~You can make a dyno say anything, btst.

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