[s-cars] Coolant in 92 S4

Edward Estabrook eestabrook at syntheticnets.com
Tue Nov 4 14:43:30 EST 2003

How does one 'power flush' the cooling system?  Based on the color of my
fluid I would guess the previous owner was using standard green fluid.  How
many gallons of coolant does the system take?


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92 S4 came with G11 from the factory (pentosin "blue").
Update to G12, sure it can be.  The procedure to update to pink is to power
flush the system completely and add the later coolant.  The nice thing about
G12 plus, is that it's less reactive with deposits of the older coolant.


Scott Justusson
In a message dated 11/3/2003 10:00:22 PM Central Standard Time,
trevorricetemp at hotmail.com writes:
I hear the recomended coolant is Pentosin Blue, however does anyone know if
the new VAG G12+ can be used in S4's ?

Reason i ask is this new G12+ stuff made a huge difference in a 96 A6 & a 95
Corrado which i had in the past. Would love to continue using it.

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