[s-cars] How to adjust e-brake?

Edward Estabrook eestabrook at syntheticnets.com
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There's a 10mm nut that controls how tight the cable is located under the
car right where the e-brake lever sticks down.  You need an extra-deep
deep-well 10mm socket.  Got mine from Ace hardware as my craftsman socket
wasn't deep enough.  It's hard to get at the bolt because of the exhaust and
drive shaft.  I used a long (12-18") extension to get far enough from the
drive shaft to get a ratchet on.  Basically put the car on ramps and finness
the 10mm socket onto the nut and back it off a turn or two.


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How to adjust e-brake?  Since replacing my rear pads, it is waaaaay too
tight, actually just slightly engaged.  I'm sure if I jacked up the car
I could tell, but I'm just whining and hoping somebody can give me a HU.

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