[s-cars] RS2 ebay auctions cancelled

Robert Pastore rpastore at animalfeeds.com
Wed Nov 5 21:01:45 EST 2003

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Mahoney, whatttaya think?

What was that you called Jim after he beat the hell out of your pristine s6
Avant on the streets of downtown Chicago in the rain?  And didn't you say it
was strange that the working girls down on Cicero seemed to know this
California boy by name?

Call him what you want; I can vouch that he aint no worse than Pizzo.

So Jim, what are you driving these days?  Please don't tell us it's an Evo.

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From: Jim Klein [mailto:jimk at spotgraphicsinc.com]
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I realize this isn't really a kosher email to send to everyone but it is
the only thing I could think of.  This is not a spam.  Those of you that
know me or have entered into transactions with me know I am a standup
guy and not a slimeball spammer.  Some of you are probably aware that I
was selling an RS2 turbo, EM and a Lehman Stage 3-chipped ECU on ebay.
Ebay, in their infinite wisdom just sent me an email notifying me that
they are cancelling the auctions because:
1. I crosspromoted products - basically in the turbo ad I said I also am
selling an EM in another auction etc. and:
2. I was charging a bit extra if the buyer used a creditcard to PayPal
me (in essence, I wanted to SPLIT the paypal fee with them) as opposed
to a Bank Account.
Apparently both of these things are highly disallowed under ebay rules.
I did not get an opportunity to fix my postings, they just completely
deleted them.  So, I will relist them and they should be up by morning.
Sorry if anyone was bidding and got screwed, I am as shocked and
surprised as anyone could be.
Try searching again tomorrow.
Jim Klein
my ebay name is walterrohrl

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