[s-cars] drivetrain whir / clatter upon CMG install

Paul Gailus gailus at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 6 08:02:37 EST 2003

When you're applying pressure through the shift lever,
perhaps the added drag on the input shaft (as the shift
fork, sleeve, etc. start to engage) is enough to keep the
input shaft from chattering within the clutch disk hub?

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> Thanks Trevor.
> Sounds like Bill likely got an old unit then.  Doubt he'll take it out,
> would make his 4th tranny install(!).
> I'm leaning toward yanking it (if only to keep up with Bill).  Here's some
> observations experienced this morning:
> At idle, clutch out, if I apply pressure to the shifter toward any gear
> just hold it there, idle clatter is GONE.  More worrisome, while taking a
> degree right turn onto on ramp, cut wheel hard and hit throttle, I get a
> good drivetrain whir for a second, goes away as soon as either steering
> input is reduced or load is off that LF axle (seems to be steering / load
> related).  Through a 180 degree ramp, I can feed in steering and get the
> noise, then back off, goes away, repeatedly as I saw the wheel back and
> forth, through the curve.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks again.  Hopefully I can convince Rossato and Platt it's in their
> interest to assist me with the pull 8-).
> Hey, you get your issues sorted post One-Lap?
> -Paul hoping this doesn't turn into the soap opera it's sounding like K.
> '95 file://S6 fun until she blows...  usually that's the other way around
> it?

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