[s-cars] Fw: front speaker swap

Matt Russell skippertgore at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 6 07:18:52 EST 2003

On 11/5/03 7:30 PM, Steve wrote:

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>> For those of you who have replaced the Bose system in the urS4/6 cars, how
>> did you do the front speakers?  They seem to be rather unusual custom
>> three-point mounted 4 1/2" speakers...certainly bigger than a 4" and
> smaller
>> than a 5". I planned to use 4" speakers in there and thought I'd run it by
>> the list.  Did you make a mounting template?
>> Thanks,
>> Steve

BTDT, Steve - but no template available, sorry!

Mounted the in there best I could and filled them with some foam type stuff
(tape, IIRC).  I think I used a 4" component set, but I'd have to check.
Been a while...
The stock grills will clear the new speakers, but it was a bit tight putting
them back together,  I can shoot you a couple pics of list, if you like.

-Matt, co
92 s4 - with Pioneer, Boston, and Rockford.

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