[s-cars] NAC Cart Strategy

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 6 11:01:04 EST 2003

Attended an indoor go kart track earlier this year.

The carts are electric so the toulene won't help.

But you can go early and watch the karts, there are always 2 or 3 that
are a little faster/quicker than the others. Now the trick is to make
sure you get one of these carts, usually you are assigned a cart based
on your place in line, it's supposed to be the luck of the draw thing.

But if you watch how they assign carts and know what cart you want you
simply place yourself in the appropriate place in line to get that

Technique...watch for the rubber spots on the concrete, because it's
inside the track doesn't get "cleaned" when it rains. There will be one
fast groove around the track, and there will be corners that if you
don't hit them right you will spin. Try to not get stuck in a pack of
karts in the corners, someone will crash you and spin you out.

Other than that go fast, try to maintain speed, and try not to brake.
Ease off the accelerater before the corner and accelerate through it.

Oh yeah...HAVE FUN!
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> Folks
> I'm headed for my first indoor gokart funfest tonight and now learn
> that
> I have been entered in some mini grand prix that no doubt pays big
> bragging rights.
> Any helpful hints, dirty tricks or ways to give me an edge are
> welcome.
> -toluene in the gas tank?  NBA stickum on the tires?
> Bill m
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