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The CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Thu Nov 6 15:10:04 EST 2003

I use Techron as well in various vehicles (and once in an ultrasonic
cleaner) and am very pleased with it in terms
of performance and doing as advertised.

One thing to note: any cleaner that breaks down carbon and contains
light petrochemicals will leech a percentage
of those chemicals and the carbon into your oil via the walls of the
cylinder (fact of life), more so if your injectors
don't have a great spray pattern (less atomization = more unburned
chemicals). The petrochemicals will reduce
your oil's viscosity some (not as much of an issue if you are using a
heavy oil as if you are using a light oil, but still
an issue). Carbon dust is also very unpleasant for the inside of your
engine, even when suspended in oil...
As a result, I recommend that you use Techron in the last complete tank
you run through before an oil & filter change
(or that you do an oil & filter change after you consume the whole gas
tank containing the Techron and refill). Simple
logic, right?

=-= Marc Glasgow

Macintosh Consultant Tampa Bay since 1990

Serge Wrote:

Chevron techron cleans the injectors, helps remove carbon build up on
valves, and is available in most stores.

Bob Asked:

I'm thinking of throwing some Amsoil PI (Performance Improver) in my
tank to
clean the injectors and do as the name suggests, improve performance.
experience with the stuff, good or bad?

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