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Dave Burig dburig at igsenergy.com
Thu Nov 6 15:58:48 EST 2003

So what will you do with the $600 you saved over the dealer having replaced
the motor, linkage, blower, and heater valve?


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Thanks to all that replied on the heater problem, and I think that I
found the reason that I was not getting any heat from the system.  I ran
the self contained diagnostic test which came up with code 08.5,
(Temperature Regulator Flap static block).  I pulled off the rain shield
to check the linkage on the passenger side, sure enough the linkage did
not move when scrolling the temperature settings.  I then took off the
cowl grill, and the wiper assembly to get to the drive motor for the
Temperature Regulator Flap on the driver's side of the heater assembly.
I removed the cover with the small screws then took out the motor.  I
decided to try it in my hand with someone in the car working the heat
control.  The motor seemed to work fine.  After testing the plastic
mechanism linkages on both sides of the heater for freedom of movement,
I found that there was a position where there was a very noticeable
hang-up in the movement, near the closed position.  This I found was
caused by interference of the plastic linkage on the passenger side,
with another part of the linkage.  It required taking a small file and
filing down the back side of the plastic to get it to clear the other
linkage.  After grinding away about  1/8 in. of plastic, the linkage
worked smoothly.  This seems like a rather obvious design flaw, but may
have been fixed in later models.  This board was a great help in finding
this problem.

Jerry Scott
93 S4

William Perron wrote:

>This happened to me last year.
>Check out this link:
>You want to check to see if there are any codes.  I
>would guess you have code 8.2, 8.3 or similar- this
>would be the temperature regulation flap motor.  You
>can verify if this motor is not working by unsnapping
>the plastic rain diverter/leaf collector under the
>hood at the base of the windshield.  Take a look at
>the passenger side of the heater/blower assembly and
>have someone cycle the temperature from max to min
>slowly.  You should see some of hte linkages move.  If
>nothing moves, your motor is dead.  You access the
>temp regulator flap motor from the driver's side of
>the blower/heater box assembly.  You need to remove
>the wiper arms, and the trim below them as well for
>access.  You can then loosen a bunch of small screws
>to remove the cover over the flap motor, and remove
>and replace it.
>i'm a little fuzzy on the details at this point, but
>drop me a line if you need more info.
>Bill Perron
>'95.5 S6 Avant
>'85 4kq
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