[s-cars] 3m clear bra

keithbedard at verizon.net keithbedard at verizon.net
Thu Nov 6 15:11:47 EST 2003

The following link is a product that I have used on a couple of my cars to
protect my ($$$) Euro headlights from chips and pitting.


The product is intended to protect body paint, but works great on headlights as
well.  Dirt cheap, surprisingly thick, and easy to work with.  I also applied it
to the front of my hood to avoid chipping.  Three years later, not one chip, and
looks new.  Best part is you get 12 feet for cheap money, you can do a couple of

Keith Bedard
Westminster & Medford, MA
95.5 S6

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> Hello all,
> Does anyone have a source for the 3m clear bra material? I have
> only found
> it available to "installers" ie, only those in the business from a
> wholesaler or two. I'm not an installer, but I have seen it applied, and
> don't think it's too difficult for the average guy.
> I'm thinking of applying it to my lower door panels below the
> trim strip to
> prevent rock damage from the winter cinders. I do have the "Colorado
> required mud flaps"(Crmf's) there now, but am looking for
> alternatives. Any
> thoughts, or BTDT?
> Ron Kirkham

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