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Thu Nov 6 14:30:54 EST 2003

Chris & Paul make good points...its all about conservation of momentum.  Like
Paul, I leave the foot down, and brush the brakes to get more front grip for
turn-in, etc.  One more weight management technique for smaller (160# or less)
folks--since you aren't strapped securely into these seats, you can move around
in the cart to get more weight left to right, and perhaps some on the front
(lean forward).

One cheater point for some carts...maintenance on these isn't always up to
One item that seems to get overlooked is getting to full-throttle on the gas
When you push the loud pedal all the way down, is the throttle opening up
fully?  On most of these carts, the throttle cable is bare next the gas
pedal...the cable housing anchored a few inches behind.  Push on the cable with
the edge of your shoe to pull it even more and extract that last bit of "go"
from the cart.  I have found on more than one cart that you can get to WOT with
this technique...check it out when you're on the grid, before they start up
your engine.  You can't always see the throttle on the engine end of these
things...you can on the JB Karts 5.5hp Hondas used at Sykart (Seattle).

Linus Toy
Mercer Island, WA
linust at mindspring.com

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> Wild Bill-
> While Chris' carts were electric, they're typically gas at
> the better venues.  His note that some are faster is
> definitely true, and you'll also want to grab one that pits
> in first in line, meaning sometimes there are 'spare' carts
> that sit there cold, waiting, and go out in the next heat
> with the 1st few 'warm' ones.  Basically, you want one all
> warmed up for ya.
> Teddy says don't slide, well that depends on the track set
> up.  Yes and no, depending where you're at on the course.
> You can also use 'others' to turn 8-), just don't get
> flagged.  I tend to keep the loud pedal down and just stab
> the brake to scrub speed, but play with what works best for
> YOU, as, YMWV.  Sometimes starting out last gives you
> something to shoot for, like passing the idiots in front of
> you, while starting 1st can lead to overly defensive driving,
> trying to pinch, etc. (naughty naughty Paul).
> Agreed on one thing, have f'n FUN.  It's exhausting.  Also,
> best if you go with other idiots you know and love, the
> 'heckle factor' and 'cut off factor' are quite possibly the
> most fun parts.  Rossato and I have been a few times, Platt
> too, indeed a hoot.  You'll inevitably begin to split
> minutia, like who weighs more, who's been more, etc., it's
> all part 'o the fun.  Oh, beers afterward are OBLIGATORY.
> Enjoy, say no to black flags 8-).  Just try to think of the
> gridgirls that'll be there waiting for ya @ the finish line,
> and you're a shoe-in to win...
> -P still wishin' for that buttcart type racin' K.
> Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 11:01:04 -0800 (PST)
> From: chris chambers <fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: [s-cars] NAC   Cart Strategy
> To: Bill Mahoney <wmahoney at disk.com>, Scar <s-car-list at audifans.com>
> Attended an indoor go kart track earlier this year.
> The carts are electric so the toulene won't help.
> But you can go early and watch the karts, there are always 2
> or 3 that are a little faster/quicker than the others. Now
> the trick is to make sure you get one of these carts, usually
> you are assigned a cart based on your place in line, it's
> supposed to be the luck of the draw thing.
> But if you watch how they assign carts and know what cart you
> want you simply place yourself in the appropriate place in
> line to get that kart.
> Technique...watch for the rubber spots on the concrete,
> because it's inside the track doesn't get "cleaned" when it
> rains. There will be one fast groove around the track, and
> there will be corners that if you don't hit them right you
> will spin. Try to not get stuck in a pack of karts in the
> corners, someone will crash you and spin you out.
> Other than that go fast, try to maintain speed, and try not
> to brake. Ease off the accelerater before the corner and
> accelerate through it.
> Oh yeah...HAVE FUN!
> Chris
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