[s-cars] Re: RS2 ebay auctions cancelled + belated Euro-report

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 6 17:40:34 EST 2003

>Hi boys,

>Anyway, no, I am just taking a breather from the S-
>car scene, what with the baby and the work
>situation still sucking, I realized that I'd
>driven the car a total of 1500 miles in the last 6
>months with no prospect of finding the time to turn
>it into the fire-breathing monster I wanted it to
>be.  So I decided to turn it loose.  The buyer
>offered to let me borrow it if I ever wanted. Of
>course when I suggested that I borrow it to go to
>Colorado for another ice-driving session, that offer
>was quickly exposed for what it really was.  Uh yeah,

>maybe not....

Hey, that was me, guess I should pop in and show
myself briefly.  Been very active in the 20V.org
group for many years but just a lurker here.  Now
that I'm learning a bit more about Jim I need to
further back away from my offer!  I've BTDT with
Euro rental car misadventures too but if I had ever
high-sided on a railroad track I wouldn't admit it
on the internet.  For instance, you will never hear
what really happened in that Brussels parking deck.
And besides, going to Munich, visiting WMB but not
the Duetsches Museum, that is just wrong.
Makes me wonder how he drove the S6, actually it
_does_ need an alignment.  Guess he is going to have
to settle for a picture of his ex-black beast
churning clouds of snow in a Tahoe storm.
But it is a great car and sure seems to have been
very well taken care of.
Back to lurking...
Matt Rooke
San Jose CA
'89 Dakota longbed (5 speed!)
'98 Outback Limited (for sale)

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