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Doug Coartney DCoartney at sc2services.com
Fri Nov 7 10:53:07 EST 2003

When I tried to order a set of OEM Audi Ecru mats for our '92 100CS in 1998,
both the dealer and Audi customer service told me that Audi no longer
supplied that color. Our '95.5 S6 has a set of original Ecru mats, but we
had to go with Lloyd's for the 100CS -- and they didn't offer a color match
for Ecru.

Doug Coartney

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I had heard/read some bruhaha about the logo not being allowed on the
aftermarket products, so, unless there is stock around that someone can
still legally sell, I think all logo'd floor mats will need to come from the

But you could go out and get a quattro razor sans Audi rings.  ;-)

Doug Landaeta
Product Specialist, Telematics
Mercedes Benz USA
Montvale, NJ

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Where can I purchase OEM floor mats for my 1997 S6 besides the dealer?
Is this available in the aftermarket? Blau sells Lloyds, but without the
quattro script.



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