[s-cars] Test signal from radio but not really

tblack Tblack5 at cogeco.ca
Fri Nov 7 15:14:49 EST 2003

Mine did the same yesterday after being at the dealer for five days. High
pitched squeal is extremely loud. I switched off and on again and a loud pop
came from one or both rear speakers, I immediately shut off and after a
brief pause switched on again. All was well for a few minutes when the
squeal started low, increasing rapidly, as if there was serious feedback.
After switching off and on again it has worked fine since. Still working
today. My front passenger door amp/speaker is kaput. Could this have any
effect on the rst of the system?
Wondering in Oakville!
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Subject: [s-cars] Test signal from radio but not really

> '93 S4
> Stock radio along with the rest of the stock sound
> system.
> When I turn the radio on I get this loud piercing
> noise almost like a test signal, it is not adjustable
> via the volume, however if you increase the volume
> knob position you can hear the music playing.  Test
> signal occurs in any mode.  Seems to be coming from
> the left rear speaker but I'm not 100%.  Any ideas?
> How can I replace the stock radio with an after-market
> and still use the factory CD changer.  Thank you in
> advance
> Ira
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