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Bill Mahoney wmahoney at disk.com
Fri Nov 7 15:45:27 EST 2003

Hi Chris,
Oh yeah, well needless to say I had some "situations;)"... non of which
were my fault butofcourse.  Although I do recall one spin out towards
the end caused by my dozing off for a half second.  I had a ninth
fastest one lap time of the week but finished somewhere mid pak.  This
leaves much room for improvement.
My poor race car nut neighbor's business is located literally two blocks
from this new indoor track and he already reports today returning from
lunch sweaty, with messed up hair.  (Cart racing?) or
I'll tell you what though this could be some addictive fun for which I
may have to did up my wallet quite a bit:)
Bill m

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YEAH, BUT How did you do?

Is this Bil speak for it was fun but I finished last?

:- )

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