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Dan Bozga audisport44 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 7 15:38:45 EST 2003

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If the manual tranny from a twin turbo S4 works in our cars than I don't see why the tiptronic won't bolt up. I bet you haven't thought of it that way ;)

P.S.Unless they changed the block for the autos, but I doubt it.

Dan. C. B.

"Todd E. Kramer" <toddekramer at msn.com> wrote:
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What is the possibility of installing an Automatic Transmission into a
95 S-car? Was this an option from the factory? Could a current era
triptronic tranny swap be accomplished, mechanically (other than the
steering wheel electronics)?

Injury will limit the use of my left leg for a damn-long time...

Todd Kramer
'95 S6
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