[s-cars] Guys, how's the S6 look pulled over @ 2am? I bet it looks good...

kcquiros at hartfordfinancial.com kcquiros at hartfordfinancial.com
Sat Nov 8 03:08:18 EST 2003

You can't not go to Paul's house and leave feeling like you can drive under=
 120 on the way home. Well, I figured after Bri left with the GT2(going in =
the same general direction home)that I would at least have some open road e=
specially at 2am. Not quite... I also though Andrew was behind me which is =
why I kept the pedal on the floor. Pulled over and cop asks why I thought I=
 got pulled over...the correct witty response of course is..."Do I have a t=
ail light out or something?"--Remember to look back at your taillights as i=
f you can see that's it out. (no joke I did that)

Son, you were clocked at 97.

Are you sure, I was kind of zoned out and I am trying to get home it's quit=
e late.

have you been drinking?


Please Recite the alphabet?

In which Direction?


Aced it just like in second grade

he then asks if I have EVER gotten a ticket. Do they even have a record of =
out of state tixs??????? Tell truth...81-55 in NH in July

Does his office work for 5 minutes while Andrew, Rich, and Cecil drive by..=
.all going 35 in the way right lane...hopefully hawking nasty luggies on th=
e piggy.

Gives me back ticket and i apologize for the fifth time. I also realize my =
4 month expired license won't help the cause...

Cop gives me ticket for 75 in 65 and tells me I could have been arrested  f=
or the 97mph. Should have pulled out the "I know Officer XXX" knowing full =
well it was a bad idea seeing Todd awaits execution by lethal injection for=
 the same stint with another statey two weeks prior. Anyway, drove home wit=
h a 75-65 with being clocked at 97 and expired license. I figure it's a win=
 in my books...Should have gotten blacked out with Paully, stayed the night=
, and spooned with Pizzo for the night in the back of the Evo. Keeee--Riced=

Kevin, taking one for the team so everyone else can rip it up on the ride t=
hrough CT, Quiros

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