[s-cars] No Boost? Help

Andreas andreasx at rogers.com
Sat Nov 8 09:32:51 EST 2003

Thank you very much.
I can't believe a 30 second fix has me driving like it's stolen again.

Thanks all for your great help

Andreas Schneider

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The pressure line to the moisture trap under the black cover on the
firewall has most probably popped off. Just reattach with a new clamp.
Your car has about 150hp without it connected, (with original WG spring)
so it's no real problem. Just boring. ;o)

310'km with a K26? Wow! talk about a durable engine?!

Bjorn  :o)
'92 S4 MTM (With multiple pop-offs after upgrading, when will I drag my
butt to the store to buy a hose clamp?? ;o))

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> Gentlemen,
> I was driving along when all of a sudden the boost was all over the
> place 1.6 -2.1-1.3-1.7 and then 1.0 steady.
> The boost comes not seem to come on anymore. It will not go over 1.0
> sounds like the turbo is trying to spool up.
> I am running a k26 turbo. Any ideas? I have not had the chance to take
> off the motor shroud to check the intercooler crossover hose.
> Thanks
> Andreas
> 92 S4 310k km
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