[s-cars] brake warning light

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 8 09:13:18 EST 2003

Top off both hydraulic and brake fuild revervoirs.
You're either leaking out of somewhere (hydraulic
fitting) or your bomb's just not holding pressure.

--- "K.C. Madsen" <Kenneth_Madsen at alumni.nd.edu>
> Well, I've heard things come in 3s, so hopefully
> this third question is
> my last (for awhile).
> Ever since I bought the car, the brake warning light
> stays on for about
> 30 seconds after starting the car... Recently, it's
> beginning to stay on
> a bit longer, and it now flickers on and off during
> any aggressive
> driving (ie, aggressive braking or turning).  Could
> this be the bomb?
> If so, is this an immediate threat.  Going to take a
> 900 mile road trip
> next week, but I don't want to test my fate with bad
> brakes!
> thanks
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