[s-cars] RE: CV joint boots

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at att.net
Sat Nov 8 21:24:09 EST 2003

> Teddy,
> I had to do the LHS (passenger's in the UK) a couple of months ago, and I
> followed the advice on the list that you do NOT need to disconnect the
> Anti-Roll Bar (sway bar) to get the CV joint out of the hub.
> It was true, but required a LOT of effort, and was even more difficult on
> reassembly.  The problem is, that after disconnecting the inner joint from
> the transmission flange, there is no free space in the engine bay to
> withdraw the shaft into so that you can pull the outer joint from
> the hub -
> you're about 5mm short.  If you're very strong and don't mind
> removing a bit
> of skin from your knuckles, you can do it.

Turning the wheels to full lock will also make it easier as the CV joint
comes out at an angle and therefore the driveshaft doesn't have to be pushed
back as much.


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