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Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Sat Nov 8 22:14:51 EST 2003

Well, I can only go from experience here. And since I have none with H&R, I
can only tell you about the Eibachs.
All in all a very good spring. Not too low, but low enough. IMO pretty darn
good progressive rate to these springs.
Not harsh, you will not need a chiropractor after driving your car.
There are some issues with getting the right rear spring, some have gotten
the 70's muscle car jacked up look. While others (me included) got the saggy
pimp mobile look. Others got it just right.
Kinda reminds me of a nursery rhyme.
The sag can be fixed, as with most sags.

A second  but...
Just finished the Day at Mosport, and while I am not the hard driver some
may be on this list, I found them to be a bit weak.
Same as the Bilstein shocks, but that could be due to the age of mine.
I would, in fact, buy them again they are a very good choice for street and
modest track use.
Now in NO way do I want to rekindle the great "Dedicated Track Car" debate
on this one :-)


Mark S
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Hi Guys-

Well it did not take long, but I want to upgrade the suspension in the S6.
On the ride up to the dyno this morning (more on that later seperately), I
got to let the car run for a bit.  The comfortable ride @ 60 becomes floaty
at 100+, not a fun experience.

Warning newbie comment:  This car on the highway is awesome!  A gentle
squeeze of the accelerator @ 80 sends the car rushing forward without
dropping out of 5th gear!  Such FUN!

Anyway, I found a guy wanting to unload a set of H&R  springs (29800's, did
not give the full #) for $200.   On the UrS4 site, all the springs listed
are discontinued and that the Eibach are the preferred spring.  Are these a
good purchase/price?  Are there still vendors that have these out there?
Opinions appreciated.


'95 S6 in search of new suspension......


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