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riff944 riff944 at cox.net
Sat Nov 8 22:21:59 EST 2003

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Hi All-

Well, I put the S6 on the dyno today and here is the short of it:

Car: '95 S6 with MTM stage 1+
191.9hp @ ~5500rpm
195.5lb-ft TQ @ ~4400rpm

Both figures above were at the wheels,  dunno about any "corrections" for t=

KTR was a nice place with a LOT of sweet cars.  The 3 that stood out was an=
 unrestored Ferrari 250 GTO, right next to a pristine 288 GTO next to a 512=
BB.  The 288 and the 512 are for sale as a package deal, anyone got a spare=

It was a fun event.  Seeing the car up on the platform then hearing it simp=
ly rip was sweet.  Car sounded much better than the 1.8 A4's there.  Speaki=
ng of A4's, there the 2 I saw on the dyno had APR stage 1 chips.  They only=
 managed to get to ~140hp to the wheels, shouldn't that have been higher?

There was this crazy 5Ktq that has heavily worked on, it put down 213.5hp. =
 The best I saw was a B5 S4 Avant.  This one had a APR stage 3 kit that was=
 suppossed to be 400hp at the crank.  It topped out at 268hp.

I really did not know what to expect #'s wise.  I am happy based on the com=
parision to the other machinery there.


'95 S6 MTM stage 1+

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