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"Floaty" ride at speed may be more a result of softening strut inserts
rather than springs.  The stock springs are pretty decent.  Unless you have
a specific reason for lowering the car you might consider just replacing
the strut cartridges to stiffen things up.  I decided not to lower my S6
because the roads we have in this area with lots of steep angle of approach
intersections, etc, can cause major problems for a lowered car.  BTDT -
didn't like bouncing the bottom grille off road surfaces.

Another possible consideration is the condition of various
bushings.  Rubber can deteriorate over the years and new bushings may well
also aid in stiffening the suspension.

At 07:37 AM 11/9/2003 -0500, DGraber460 at aol.com wrote:

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>My 95, purchased 5-03, has H&R 29771 all around and I love the ride. It is
>the perfect balance between stiff and comfortable highway cruise. It corners
>flat, and is still supple over the bumps and expansion joints etc. The PO
>said it
>has Bilstiens as well but the receipt only shows "inserts", so I'm not
>certain of the brand. The part number is P36-0369, if that helps, but I
>love the
>I really like the ride height as well. It sits slightly lower, but just right
>for my taste.
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